(Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai)


 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (ME)

 (3 Year Full Time after S.S.C.)

Semester Pattern


 Admission Eligibility :


  • S.S.C. Passed with 35% of marks for all category students, for First Year.
  • H.S.C. (Science/ VOC/ Technical), MCVC and ITI passed with 35% of marks for all category students, for direct admission to 2nd year (20% Seats of Total Intake are allotted).

 Course overview

1.  A mechanical Engineer work is a link between scientific inventions and its commercial applications

2.  Mechanical engineering is a very broad field of engineering that involves the application of physical principles for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

3.  This branch of engineering industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and related to production of machines, machine tools, automobiles, power plants and allied products and their maintenance. To man these industry skilled and expert manpower at various levels of organization are required. Accordingly the curriculum is developed taking into consideration the needs of the small, medium and large scale engineering industries. Initially the student will work in the supervisory capacity. The knowledge of operations, skills involved in the managing the work force working under him are included in the curriculum. 


Course Curriculum includes:

            Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings, schematics.

         Thermal power, Steam turbines, Gas turbines, Air Compressors.

         Construction, Working and Maintenance of petrol and Diesel engines

         Hydraulics, Fluid power, water Turbines & pumps.

         Install, operate and maintain mechanical product, equipment, system and processes.

         Refrigeration and air conditioning.

         Automobile Engineering         

         Metrology and Quality Control

         Machine Design

         AUTO-CAD and CNC, Computer generated reports.

         Manufacturing processes.

         Entrepreneurship development


Special Features of the Course

Study technical, Social, environmental and economical problems and finding mechanical solutions to them through projects, by designing a process, a product, a component or a machine to do this.

         Sales and marketing engineer for engineering products as well as industrial material.

         Purchasing supervisor, who can decide proper material for use, find suitable supplier, control inventory, and develop vendors.

         Entrepreneur who can manage his own enterprise.


Employment Prospects

Diploma holder in mechanical engineering will be employed as a supervisor in engineering industry. Opportunities are also available in Government, semi government, public sector organization, defence and Shipping Industry. He can start his own industrial unit.

The opportunities are available in production manufacturing, sales, repair, maintenance, community Services in India as well as abroad.

Salary depends upon the employing organization, its range of operation and the work profile. Professionally qualified person can hope for starting emoluments approximately in the range of Rs. 5000 to 12000.


 Work Environment

Mechanical engineer probably has wider choice of work environment. Supervisors at project site or shop floor, with focus on quality, safety in production, handling labor problems, preparing preventive as well as routine maintenance schedule and its execution, are some of the examples of his work.