(Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai)


 Diploma in Computer Engineering (CO)


(3 Year Full Time after S.S.C.)

Semester Pattern


 Admission Eligibility :


  • S.S.C. Passed with 35% of marks for all category students, for First Year.
  • H.S.C. (Science/ VOC/ Technical), MCVC and ITI passed with 35% of marks for all category students, for direct admission to 2nd year (20% Seats of Total Intake are allotted).

 Course Overview

The Computer Industry is one of the full grown and still fastest growing industries in the world today. Technology being a global phenomenon, the computer industry today is employing millions of the people to shoot  up business or for entertainment. Technology has risen today from mere pebble to a huge unbreakable mountain, and this is possible only with the presence of the computers. Computers at present have become most important aspect of everyone’s life. It is no more as luxury but has become necessity of life every field and every stage. This is the reason why: every should be well acquainted with the knowledge of computers.

In this course you will learn computer software and details of hardware. Software includes different language programming. Microprocessor programming & real time applications, while hardware includes the study of internal structure and organization of computers & networking, which will help you to shape up your career in both computer software & networking.


Course Curriculum includes:

         Profile of IT Industry

         Fundamentals of computers

         Programming in C/C++/VB

         Computer peripherals & interfacing

         Database management system

         Microprocessor programming /Advanced Microprocessor

         Computer Networking & management

         Internet & web page Designing

         Computer Organization & Architecture

         Generic skills

         Entrepreneurship Development & project.

         Various operating system


Special Features of the Course

Software programmer, Hardware engineer networking engineer are the specialized services available in the computer industry. One can work as a field engineer, network manager cum computer engineer after availing the diploma degree of this course. Along with this, Passed out student from this course having first class in the final year can seek the admission to direct second year in Degree Engineering in computer Engineering, Information Technology or Computer Technology. Students availing second-class in final year can also seek admission in engineering colleges without any difficulty, but in first year of equivalent branch.

Employment Prospectus

Pass-out of this course may be employed in any IT industry, Software company, Government sectors, airlines, shipping corporation ,aerospace ,defense, banking, hostels, entertainment and advertising industries, weather forecasting departments, animation industries, tours & travel agencies etc.

Salaries depend on the employing organization, its range of operations & the work profile.

There is large variety of work for a computer engineer, ranging from being a software programmer to a networking engineer, marketing professional, laboratory assistant – all of which requires professionalism.

At the same time one should never forgot that to survive in the computer industry today one has to have an innovative mind always with the new ideas & logics developed within. One of the keys to success for the industry & an employee is also the quality of the services rendered.


Work Environment

Software professionals work in an excellent friendly environment of corporate offices. Hardware professionals are posted as the field engineers & are responsible for maintenance of computers. Marketing Professionals work for technical marketing of all the new technology & products launched. The networking engineers work in the corporate offices in a pretty good environment.


Career Progression

Advancement opportunities in the government are time bound to the middle management level & thereafter also based on experience & initiate. In the private sector, job security & advancement are influenced more by enthusiasm, commitment, innovation & a productivity oriented attitude. One can grow very faster by capitalizing on an ample opportunity to improve his/her skills.

Looking to the worldwide requirements of computer professionals as whole Indians are blessed with truly innovative & creative minds, which are primary necessities.

It is predicted by the worldwide scientists that there will be need of 1, 50,000,000 or more software professionals at end of next 2 years. The worlds largest companies like Wipro, Infosys, Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Zenith, LG, Samsung, etc. are providing excellent employments to the computer professionals.